Audi Competition changing the way we market?

I recently stumbled upon the new Audi marketing campaign. ‘The Land of Quattro campaign’ called for Audi fanatics to dig deep and create a creative television ad for Audi. As a result Audi fans were spending approximately 19 minutes on the website, according to

More than 2,000 television ads have been entered into the competition to have the right to say that you designed Audi’s latest ad. This was a first for Audi as they have never produced a campaign in Australia and have not seen this much site activity before.

This is not the first time I have seen companies or brands ask consumers to help produce their latest ad campaign. With the introduction on Instagram many brands are using social media to encourage followers to produce 10 second videos for them for a chance to win a prize or have the right to boast about being the winner. Take Samsung’s recent photo competition that saw over 50,000 entries as stated in my previous blog post –

So how has this effected marketing? I look at it as a positive; Brands are getting the public to do the work for them that they would otherwise have to pay marketers to do. They are also getting their brand talked about.

Audi significantly increased the traffic to their website using ‘The Land of Quattro campaign’ and you can view the winning entrant below.



What do you think? Is it a good idea to allow the public to advertise for you? Does this risk sending the wrong message? Are you at risk of entrants ruing your reputation? Have your say in the comments below.



  1. Ade Oey

    I think as long it is positive message inside the ads, it is good for company to increase their sales, even if it is bad message, company can see as the problem they have and try to fix it. Moreover, I think this ads is quite cool, describe it so well, and anyway nice post 🙂

    If you have time, please visit and comment my blog too in
    thanks 😀

  2. N. Appleton

    I think it’s a really clever campaign by Audi. Not only are they getting fresh creative ideas, but also they’re finding new interesting ways for people to talk amongst each other about the brand and encouraging them to share their videos with each other and help each other out with the voting, ultimately creating more exposure for the brand. Getting consumers involved also helps to make them feel valued, I think it’s very smart (as long as consumers generally have a positive brand association!) 🙂

    • vlross

      I agree! there are a lot of positives, you are including your consumers, they are doing a marketing teams job for them and the ad that they make is designed by a consumer for a consumer so could be more on target to what they want to achieve.

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